Australia’s Largest Maine Coon Cat In the World

22 May, 2017

Australia’s Largest Maine Coon Cat In the World


Australia. The Largest Maine Coon Cat in The World?

Maine Coon cat named Omar may take the title of world’s longest domestic cat. The Guinness World Records noticed a picture of the feline on Instagram and contacted his owner.

Omar stretches out to 1.2 metres (47.2 inches) and weighs in at 14 kg (30.8 pounds), according to the cat‘s owner.

“We were expecting about a nine-kilo cat,” said Stephy Hirst the cat’s owner. The Guinness World Records had reached out to her about Omar.

“He got to that [length] before he was one year old. So that’s when we sort of realized that he’s not nearly done yet.”

The current record holder at 118.33 cm (46.6 inches) is Ludo, another Maine Coon cat living in the United Kingdom.

Omar eats dry cat food and kangaroo meat, and has a relaxed life lounging around the house with dogs Rafiki and Penny.

Guinness World Records has yet to confirm if Omar takes the title. Hence, we will wait and see.

Maine Coons derive their name from the U.S. state of Maine, where it is the official state cat.

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