How do I stop my puppy from biting and jumping for attention?

3 Mar, 2017

How do I stop my puppy from biting and jumping for attention?

To get a hyper puppy or dog to stop jumping up or biting at you, I recommend ignoring unwanted behavior and rewarding calm behavior.
But that’s easier said than done.
I’m reminded of that now that I have a “teenage” puppy who’s just plain crazy at times.
To get attention, puppies and dogs try to jump, bite or paw at you.
Ignore these kinds of behaviors even though it may be hard.

1. Use a firm “NO!”
I know we’re in this odd dog-training world where people actually say you shouldn’t tell a dog “no.”
The reasoning behind this is you don’t want to scare the dog, and some say you don’t need to use punishment to teach the dog good behavior.
Another problem with using “no” is the dog might view any attention as just that, attention – “Oh boy! She said no! She’s acknowledging me!”
So, a lot depends on the dog’s sensitivity and how serious you are.
2. Stand up and turn your back to the dog or walk away.
Usually a dog is asking for your attention when he/she’s jumping on you, and asking for attention in a rude way.
The advice many trainers will give is to just turn your back to the dog and ignore them, which is great advice.

However, some dogs will make this into a game. Run around in circles, jumping whatever way you turn.
If your dog does this, one thing you can do is just stand tall and completely still with a straight face, ignoring them 100 percent. Then, either wait for them to calm down or simply turn your back to and calmly walk away to focus your attention on something else.

3. Hand the dog a toy.
When they bite for attention, one option is to hand them one of their toys and then ignore them.

4. Use a leash for more control.
One option is to put your dog on a leash and have them lie down at your feet with a toy, and then step on the leash so she cannot get up. This is an option for when you are doing something like watching TV.
Other tips to help calm the dog or puppy

1. Provide the dog with plenty of exercise.
If a dog is annoying and “crazy,” it’s usually related to a lack of exercise. It’s just so much easier for the dog to settle down if they are at least somewhat tired.

2. Work on obedience training.
Dogs that have solid obedience skills have a higher level of self control in general, and they also have respect for their owners. If your dog doesn’t know the basics like sit, down, stay and come, then work on those for five minutes a day, a few times per day.
3. Feed the dog from Kong toys and other puzzle toys.
Food during training sessions in Kong-type toys make dogs/puppies drain some of their mental and emotional energy. It also gives gave them something to do and a reward for their “work.”
What ideas do the rest of you have?


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