Pet Stays originally started as a core pet sitting and walking booking platform.

After realising the rapid increase in the need for updated information, Pet Stays rose to the occasion.

We designed and created a very unique opportunity for the pet industry. An integrated booking and national directory service all under one roof.

Our website assists pet owners with information and tools to make those pivotal decisions regarding their beloved pets. Whilst at the same time providing businesses within the pet care industry an extra edge in promoting their services, products and business.

The Pet Stays National Directory connects the vast pet community with related information topics and businesses within the pet industry.

Pet Stays is mentored and managed under the pioneer leadership of Ms Jeannene Anchen. Ms Anchen has completely dedicated herself towards nurturing, caring and protecting your pet’s while you try to fulfil commitments in your day to day life. Over the years of communicating with clients, networking with pet care businesses and interacting with many different kinds of pets, Ms Anchen has gained experience, acquired knowledge and improvised one’s understanding of the needs within the pet care industry in Australia.

At Pet Stays, we do acknowledge and accept the fact that Australia is the biggest pet loving country compared to America with respect to population per square kilometer .

Ms Anchen has spent a considerable amount of time at rescue shelters overseas caring for stray dogs and other unfortunate animals over the last decade. This has enhanced her compassion towards animals and built a relentless passion to serve pets through Pet Stays.

Pet Stays is very inspired by other businesses within the pet care industry and always seeks to collaborate rather than compete in an absolute realisation and acceptance that the soul purpose lies in the duty of care for our beloved pet’s.

Our intent with Pet Stays is to help, support and care for pet’s by carefully selecting businesses coming on board by researching and evaluating individuals, groups, businesses and organisations.

At Pet Stays the revenue generated by our membership fee for advertising and marketing is a driving force for our dedicated team. Their intent and passion to create working marketing and networking strategies with collaborating businesses within the pet care community is a must.

Pet Stays under the guidance of Ms Anchen has vowed to upgrade, innovate and improvise the concept, data and forevision goals in a very timely manner with respect to the acceptance and adaptability of the end users

Over the years, Ms Anchen has built a remarkable reputation among friends, family, peers, affiliates and associates within pet care community throughout the globe. She has actively been participating on forums and is an active member on various online networking groups within the pet care industry. With this Ms Anchen effectively stimulates her urge for more knowledge and skills in order to serve pets to the best of her abilities through Pet Stays. To help those without a voice.

As a pet owner herself, Ms Anchen had experienced on numerous occasions the lack of accessibility to updated businesses serving various pet needs under one umbrella.

The team at Pet Stays can go on and on about the vision and the intended goals of Pet Stays, but that is not the primary intention. All we emphasise is not to deviate from the most important goal which is our pets welfare. We would encourage all pet owners to utilise our Pet Stays Directory and provide opportunities to various pet care businesses who support us. Post reviews after receiving service and help us regulate, alter and evaluate the businesses on board and take decisions for making Pet Stays an effective and safe platform for all our pets.

We really appreciate your time in reading About us and look forward to having you onboard and serve you as a customer when looking for the best services around for your pets.

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Team Pet Stays